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2014 Dodge Viper SRT in Chico


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  • 60-0 MPH 106 FEET
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2014 Dodge Viper SRT performance

Bringing Horsepower to Life

The Dodge Viper SRT® V-10 engine is a true legend. Go inside the dynamometer room with engineer Dick Winkles to see the development of this world-class engine and all that it entails.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT performance

Dodge Viper SRT® Launch Control Explained

Launch control on the Dodge Viper SRT® eliminates most of the guesswork, helping drivers to conveniently execute consistent and repeatable acceleration times in a controlled manner.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT performance

Testing the Limits

SRT® takes every performance metric to heart, ensuring a premium supercar Grand Touring experience for its owners. Power figures may be one of the most apparent metrics. Returning consistent and accurate numbers is an absolute must at SRT.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT performance

The Ultimate Balance of Ride and Handling

The Dodge Viper SRT® has always been known for its horsepower, but a comfortable ride and communicative handling on the street can be just as important as track-day lap times. Get a glimpse into what makes the Viper handle so well.

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Welcome to the SRT® Color Kitchen A Glimpse into the Exterior Design of the Dodge Viper SRT® 2014 Dodge Viper SRT Appearance Main Img
2014 Dodge Viper SRT appearance

Welcome to the SRT® Color Kitchen

Take a tour of the SRT® color kitchen with Jim Parker and learn about Stryker Red. The process of applying this stunning color to the SRT Viper is a science in and of itself.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT appearance

A Glimpse into the Exterior Design of the Dodge Viper SRT®

The SRT® engineering and design teams spent countless hours sculpting every line on the exterior of the Viper. Follow them around as these artists create a masterpiece.

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2014 Dodge Viper SRT comfort

Inside Grand Touring

The Dodge Viper SRT® has long been known for its raw power, premium levels of comfort and refinement have been added to the interior. The shapes, materials and sensory gratification of the 2014 Dodge Viper SRT vault it to world-class status.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT comfort

Abundant Access to Information

The outside world doesn't shut down when an Dodge Viper SRT® owner is driving. Thanks to an LCD screen in the center stack, useful information, communication and entertainment capabilities are all within reach for drivers.

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We back every Dodge vehicle with the 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. It covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair a covered powertrain component. Coverage also includes towing to the nearest Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge or Ram vehicle dealer, if necessary. The warranty is also transferable to a new owner during the warranty period. For details, see your Dodge vehicle dealer.

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2014 Dodge Viper SRT safety

SRT® Brakes are Designed to Perform

SRT® brake testing is conducted at one of the most challenging braking courses in existence. The target: eliminate brake fade under heavy braking conditions. Racetrack-proven brakes allow for increased driver confidence under Grand Touring conditions.

2014 Dodge Viper SRT safety

A Foundation for Grand Touring

The chassis of the Dodge Viper SRT® is lighter in overall weight than its predecessor while offering increased torsional rigidity. Constructed from high-strength steel and magnesium, the design and creation of the Viper chassis began as a simulation study of the chassis from previous generations. Improved ride quality, paired with track-ready handling dynamics enables having your cake and eating it, too.